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Elena is the best! I had severe cramps and decided to try acupuncture for it. Elena saw me immediately and was incredibly accommodating. Her treatment was effective and she was in general a positive and comforting presence to be around. She is very knowledgeable and explains the process as she goes along. I recommend her for anyone seeking an alternative treatment for any health concerns they have.
P.P., New York, NY

I went to Elena in the midst of a brutal flare up of TMJ. I was in an incredible amount of pain and opted to try acupuncture out of sheer desperation. Having never received an acupuncture treatment, I was somewhat anxious but within minutes of meeting Elena I felt at ease. Elena is incredibly knowledgeable and her compassion exceeds her incredible level of skill. Her approach is gentle and effective and I would highly recommend her. She is an amazing person and a talented healer.
B.G., Forest Hills, NY

I've been a patient of Elena's for some time now, and I can truly say that she embodies the qualities of an excellent practitioner. She is warm, caring, knowledgeable and motivated by a true desire to help her patients feel better! Each time I see her I feel that she really taps into the type of treatment I need to help conquer my health conditions. She pays special attention to detail which is what makes her so unique! Her ability to distinguish and analyze the patient's needs is impeccable. I truly recommend her to anyone looking to receive remarkable acupuncture.
K.P., Bayside, NY

Perfect. I cannot say enough about how good Elena is. Extremely professional. She helped me with various health issues. I would and have highly recommended her to many of my friends.
M.N., New York, NY

Give yourself and your body the gift of going to Elena. She is a true healer who listens to your needs and customizes your treatments accordingly. I had begun seeing her after I had injured my knee and she has been patient and caring throughout every session. Each time is different as she modifies the treatments depending on the stage I am in of the healing process. I would highly recommend Elena to anyone who is looking for an amazing practitioner that will be supportive and obtain results.
A.G., New York, NY

Do not hesitate! I cannot say enough good things about Elena. Her office is welcoming and calming. She is such an amazing listener and a holistic thinker and clear communicator. She makes treatment make sense and relates it to you personally for carefully designed custom treatments. For lack of better words she cured my cramps and is currently treating my cancer therapy side effects. I highly recommend her amazing work.
H.H., Brooklyn, NY

Elena was one of the most professional and effective healers I have had the chance to deal with! I had chronic back pain for years and had tried several massage therapists and other resources with no real improvements. I had become so desperate for relief and finally decided to call Elena as I had known her personally for years and knew just by the way she handled everything in her life that she would probably be the most trustworthy and professional person I would deal with, so since I had never had acupuncture before, I knew right away before I set foot in her office that I could trust her to do the best job for me possible... But I still had no idea what to expect. What I got was true treatment and healing after only 2 sessions. She knew exactly what she was doing and took great care to explain everything to me. She followed up to see how I was doing several times. The treatment was painless and actually very relaxing. She's a true healer and several months after treatment I have not had any of the extremely uncomfortable tension and pain I was experiencing that was getting in the way of my day to day activities... She really did an incredible job, I had no idea I would get results that quickly so feel very lucky to have her not only as a friend but someone I can actually trust as a healer who takes great pride and care in her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture as an option for healing, health and well-being... It works!
A. K. , New York, NY

Elena is simply wonderful! My experience with acupuncture before Elena was not very pleasant, nor very effective (probably because it wasn't very pleasant), but Elena has completely changed the way I feel about it! I have seen my body begin to heal in real, tangible ways that I haven't seen with any other treatment methods I've tried. She takes the time to really talk with you to get the whole picture and is eager to find the best way to get you feeling better. In Elena, you not only get a wonderful and compassionate healer, but also a confidant and a friend. As someone who has shied away from acupuncture in the past, I'm a believer now, and my body seems to be pretty happy about it.
K. V., New York, NY

Elena is a very wonderful person to work with! And a very warm therapist who does everything to help her patients!!! Very reliable, warm, you feel immediately comfortable with her. She really cares about her patients and does whatever she can to help. Elena gives you all the time you need and is always working on customizing the treatment based on how I am feeling that week. You can really discuss anything with her and ask her any questions. The acupuncture itself does not hurt at all, Elena is very gentle and does everything to make sure her patients feel comfortable. She is just really an amazing therapist!!
K. P., Flushing, NY

Elena is intuitive and knowledgeable. She's also a deeply caring and competent professional, which is very comforting to be around! I feel fortunate to have found her and can't recommend her enough!
D. M., Brooklyn, NY

Elena is amazing! I was very skeptical about acupuncture in general and I recently had issues with my sciatic nerve causing me so much pain that I could hardly walk. After 3 sessions to my surprise I am almost completely out of pain. In addition to her talent in acupuncture, she is such a nice down to earth person and a joy to be around. Both her office locations are clean, and professional. I would 100% recommend her to anyone!
R. A., New York, NY

I had never experienced acupuncture before when my friend suggested I try Elena. I was suffering from lower back pain and felt a need for some sort of detoxification. I was excited to go the holistic route, but had no idea what to expect from the treatment. Elena is one of those people that make you feel instantly comfortable. Her generosity of spirit and command of the craft make each and every visit fulfilling. She is so genuinely invested in my process, and the results have been fantastic. My back pain has decreased and I feel much more in touch with my body. I have urged several of my girlfriends to visit her and every single one of them has become a believer. Highly recommended.
H. M., New York, NY

I have had such a great experience with Elena. Every time I leave my acupuncture treatment, I feel calm and refreshed. She is very caring and always listens to my needs. I am so glad I found her as she has helped me tremendously with my condition.
D. X., New York, NY

Elena is the best. I state this for two reasons. First, the level of care and concern she provides you with is so sincere that you are immediately put at ease and feel like you are talking to a long time friend. Any concerns or reservations about alternative medicine are put to rest if not at least reserved for the time being because you know that she is someone who believes in what she is doing and is trustworthy. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I consider her the best because her treatment absolutely worked for me! I went in with severe pain in my neck and upper back. We discussed the possible causes and symptoms and she gave me her recommendations. They were practical, affordable effective, AND not all about HER and just someone pushing their own products. She comes highly recommended by me!
D.B.H., New York, NY

Elena is a phenomenal, knowledgable acupuncturist. She put me immediately at ease although I was not an easy client and very traumatized from needles. She was so gentle and I had the most effect with her just after one session.
A. D., New York, NY

Elena is not only the best acupuncturist I've ever been to, she is a therapist, a healer, a supporting figure. Let's start saying that by my first session I had a breakdown and a breakthrough. I felt so safe in her environment and presence that I let go of all my fears and emotional load created by my health challenging situation and I just cried and cried. She gave me the time and support I needed it to let it be, and once I came back to myself, we continued the session in her super gentle way. She is a professional and an expert in the Chinese art of acupuncture, she is very wise, she knows how to lead you into and through the healing process. I am treating with her different health issues, and by now, only after 6 sessions, she already helped me solve 3 of them, in addition that every time I leave her session I feel renovated. Don't hesitate on coming to Elena's sessions. Whatever health/emotional issue you are going through, she can be your door to healing.
M. S., Astoria, NY

As a Broadway performer, yogi, and cyclist in New York, my body and mind are no strangers to stress and strains. I have my fair share of physical therapy appointments, chiropractor adjustments, and body work. With that said, I can say with absolute confidence that I know what I am talking about when it comes to healing and body work. If you need a compassionate, knowledgable, intuitive, professional healer and gentle acupuncturist who listens to what you AND your body needs, I would highly recommend Elena.
J.E.M., New York, NY

Elena is FANTASTIC! Warm, caring, thorough, intelligently inquisitive, and really good at what she does, often going above and beyond to diagnose and advise. She's provided considerable relief for every condition I've presented her with (muscle spasms, shoulder pain/mobility issues, sleeplessness) and her touch with needles is deft! I barely feel a thing! So healing, so relaxing: I actually look forward to my appointments with her. I can't recommend her enough!
E.B., New York, NY

The best acupuncture treatment I have ever had. Elena is very understanding and knowledgeable; not only is she a good acupuncturist, but she is a good friend that listens to my symptoms and adapts the treatment accordingly. Would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a NYC acupuncturist.
D.X., New York, NY

Elena is warm, personable, a great listener, loves her job, and knows what she's doing. I've had tremendous results with her treatments and actually look forward to our sessions. I've seen her in two different locations, both of which were spotless, well-appointed, and made me feel very comfortable.
E.B., New York, NY

I could say that Elena Jenkins saved my life. But maybe that sounds a little extreme, though I feel that way sometimes. I came to Elena with cramps. Not just little pains once a month but the kind I had when I was 12-17, before birth control pills that I had recently stopped after 15 years of taking them. But the kind of bad that has me bleeding heavily and for 7 days, pain so bad I vomited that lasted for 12 hours or more in which I had consistently popped 3 Aleve every 6 hours bad. It felt like someone was dicing and slicing my uterus with steak knives. The first thing she told me I remember so clearly and echoes as a philosophy I live by now: “Cramps are not normal.” But I grew up thinking at least a little something is normal. Our society thinks that. After the first month of weekly treatment I needed no... NO drugs. I had a little dull ache in my lower back and no sharp pain and I bled for 4 days. WHAT!?! She said, “Let’s just keep up treatment and monitor how consistent this is... ” It has stayed that way for over a year. I am just disappointed I didn’t find her sooner! About a year after she began treating me I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I eventually chose Classical Chinese Medicine and a Western treatment in tandem. I am so happy to have her on my health team. Her energy is always soothing and her sensitivity is holistic — keeping a close eye on everything that contributes to my staying healthy and designing custom treatments based on ME not on a stereotype. She is a careful listener, which helps keep track of important patterns and history in my health that many of my Western doctors miss or dismiss. My Oncologist has even mentioned how successful Elena’s treatment must be to have helped me build my energy, immune system, and repair neuropathy that the Chemotherapy treatment destroys each week. I am so grateful for Elena Jenkins and highly recommend her as an acupuncturist!
H. H. — Brooklyn, NY

I gladly recommend Elena Jenkins as a competent, professional, caring, and friendly acupuncturist. She has been treating me regularly these past four months, focusing on low energy and chronic, mild asthma. She has made invaluable suggestions regarding my diet, and has shown herself capable of immediately treating incidental problems upon my first mentioning them (wrist pain, nasal congestion), without any need to consult reference texts and with notable success. This testifies to her great and intimate familiarity with her subject. Elena is courteous and sensitive to her patients. She does everything possible to alleviate what little discomfort may arise from the treatments, and she conducts her appointments with tact and decorum. In the short time I've been seeing her I have noticed an unprecedented upsurge in my energy levels — the initial reason I sought her treatment — and have been relieved of near daily recurring asthma. I am grateful for her kindness and hope that many others will profit from her expertise.
H. M. — Yonkers, NY

Elena is warm, friendly, and personable. You can really tell she genuinely cares for her patients and wants them to get better. She immediately makes you feel comfortable. I have never received such excellent service; she truly goes above and beyond. From the initial visit, I was greeted with a warm and friendly face. During the actual session, Elena exhibited the utmost compassion, sensitivity, and empathy. These traits were consistent throughout each treatment. Elena has done everything to accommodate my needs and always had my best interests at heart. Now for the treatments: they were excellent — in fact, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. I felt Elena really took the time and care to assess me and listen to any updates I had in order to give me the optimal treatment. Elena’s unique qualities made each treatment nothing less than excellent: she is smart, talented, attentive, and professional; if I didn’t know better, I would think I was receiving care from a clinician of 20 years. She needled gently and was careful with moxibustion. I wanted to commend you for accepting such a wonderful clinician into your program. She is a miracle worker. I can't say enough wonderful things about Elena; anyone would be lucky to be under her care. There is no one else out there like her.
D. R. — New York, NY

In the course of several years of receiving acupuncture from many different interns at the Swedish Institute Acupuncture Clinic, I have rarely felt as confident as I was with Elena Jenkins. Under her care, I experienced real improvement of a chronic condition that was resistant to many other treatments. With her very caring, gentle, and totally dedicated manner, she unfolded a simple course of acupuncture treatments that got to the heart of the issue, to my great relief and benefit. She seemed to intuitively connect with the totality of me and knew exactly what my body needed. I unhesitatingly recommend Elena Jenkins as a clinical acupuncturist to all total-wellness seekers. I gratefully welcome her to the next wave of compassionate wellness soldier/healers as she emerges in her private practice. I predict that her very special qualities will be reflected back in great success.
J. T. — New York, NY

Amazing experience. Elena was fantastic!

From the moment you walk into her office, Elena does her utmost best to make you feel relaxed and welcomed. She talks you through the process, soothing you enough to almost forget that you're about to have needles stuck into you. She was great and I'd recommend her to any first timers looking to try some acupuncture.

First time for me. Elena was lovely and I would happily go back to her again.

So professional.

This was my first time doing acupuncture, and Elena was wonderful. She really listened to my concerns and health history, which made for a really pleasant experience. She explained everything well and consistently checked in with me throughout the process. I was able to feel a change in energy and balance after my treatment, and am so thankful I went to her! Polite, professional and effective. I'm looking forward to my next session.

Elena is a caring person and was a pleasure to work with. It was a very comfortable experience, and I feel significant relief from my chronic pain. Highly recommended!

Today was my first time receiving acupuncture by Elena. She asked me questions about my health in order to see where the needles needed to be placed. After the acupuncture I felt relaxed and refreshed. I will return again to see Elena for acupuncture.

I was welcomed with open arms and a big smile. My first time doing acupuncture and it was a good experience. I highly recommend.

Elena is a top of her profession acupuncturist. She has in depth knowledge of the intricate workings of the body and mind. I felt exquisitely taken care of and my issues improved already after one treatment. Elena is a very accurate analyst and knows Chinese medicine better than most...